My Postpartum Journey

For my entire adult life…up until we found out that I was pregnant with twins, I had a vision of what my pregnancy would be like.  Inspired by a mother that I work out with in a group circuit training class, I planned to remain just as active as ever during my pregnancy.  I would run, lift weights, continue to take classes – just being sure to modify exercises if necessary. I certainly would not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods.  My reasoning was simple. I worked super hard to get into great shape and have a body that I was proud of – and I wasn’t going to let 9 months of pregnancy pull me into a place where I had been before- feeling flabby, overweight, and just not happy with my body.


Wouldn’t it be nice if our lives worked out according to our plans and visions?  Well – my plan did not go as I had originally intended.  When Justin and I found out we were pregnant with twins, we were SHOCKED.  We have no family history.  I was seeing an infertility specialist because I had 2 consecutive miscarriages prior to getting pregnant with Madeline and Ethan, but before we had even finished completing all of my tests or thought about possible treatments, we found out I was pregnant x2.


If you’ve ever experienced a loss – you know how scary another pregnancy can be. If you experienced two losses – then you really know what I mean.  I was going to follow every.single.piece of advice my doctor gave me because I needed these babies so much. I needed to know that I would carry babies to term and become a mom.

So – no exercise besides walking. Okay. Whatever it takes.

Gain plenty of weight? Fine. If thats going to help – I’ll do it.


My prior “pregnancy vision” went out the door.  As I’ve mentioned, I found myself 70+lbs heavier on delivery day.  I knew it would take time for the weight to come off.  But the sleepless nights, busy days, and overall exhaustion led me to make poor choices nutritionally.  I was fueling my body with processed foods, sugars, and caffeine.  Even once I started getting more sleep, I found myself exhausted and feeling lousy just about all of the time.  Pre-pregnancy, I could easily turn down oreos, candy bars, and chips.  But I no longer had the willpower to resist.  I knew I had to make some changes in my diet – or I’d never see the changes that I desired – physically, mentally, or emotionally.



Once June rolled around, I knew it was time to do something. I was 5 months postpartum and just ready to see more changes.  I knew I’d have 2 months off from work to really get a fitness routine together.  In order for that fitness to pay off, I needed to jump start my healthy eating habits-but I needed help.

Advocare was the help that I needed.  I had seen a friend continuously post about adovcare on facebook – her success, the sucess of her clients. I messaged her one day to inquire about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge..and the rest is history.



I began my 24-Day challenge on at the end of June.  Every day, I felt a little better than the day before. More energy. A focused mind.  A happier momma.  My clothes also started fitting better.  With the clean eating plan laid out by adovcare and their amazing products (that I still continue to use even after the challenge), I was able to get back on track, break through a weight loss plateau, and start feeling like myself again.



I saw real results while eating real food and supplementing my diet.  So real – that I ended up losing 7lbs and 12 inches in the 24 day time span. 12 freakin inches.  I’d show you my amazing progress pics, but I’m not about to post pictures in my underwear and sports bra on the interwebz.

I’m continuing on my postpartum journey. I have no timeframe goals because I know that I am fueling my body properly and working out hard.  However long it takes me to feel 100% comfortable again – is what it will be. I am proud of all I have accomplished and super proud that I carried over two humans inside of me for 38 weeks.  I am thankful that I took the plunge and did the advocare challenge because it has helped motivate me to keep on track and push forward.


So – those are my random thoughts as I think out loud this Thursday.

Ever try an advocare products? Participated in a challenge?

Have a great day!!




  1. Sara @my less serious life says:

    i used to follow your blog many moons ago. i too, had one and then stopped (for very different reasons) and am just starting up again. just wanted to say hi and that in reading your pregnancy story (i am hoping to start soon….) i find it very real and inspiring and i you give me hope. you are strong girl!

  2. Jade says:

    I loved this as it helps with view on society where the women are supposed to be a certain way with pregnancy! With this second pregnancy, I know so much more is out of my control and although I have come to some terms I still have a mental battle quite a bit. I think you did awesome with the twins and the limited mobility, and you are looking awesome too.
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    • Cait says:

      I won’t lie. I am often jealous of the women who got to work out throughout their pregnancy and seemingly bounced back to their pre=preggo bodies in a month or two. But = healthy babies are far more important and now I have a goal to work towards. Thanks for compliments, Jade!!

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