Ethan & Madeline’s Birth Story

Wait. Is it abnormal to write a birth story when your children are almost 7 months old? Uhm. Oh, well.  I still remember the day clear as anything right now – but I am sure in the future certain details will fade – and I’d like to preserve the memory of this special day. If I write it down (and don’t lose my entire blog again), then I can always come back to read what happened.

Birth stories are marvelous – especially when it is your own. So I am linking of up Katie’s MIMM.

This is a LONG post. If birth stories aren’t your thing.. I won’t be offended.


January 7, 2014: 11:30pm. I go up stairs to lay in bed for the entire night. I had gotten into the habit of staying up late and watching Hollywood Game Night. I would stay up later than Justin – later than my in-laws.  I figured sitting downstairs on a couch that was fairly comfy and watching TV was WAY better there staring at the ceiling in a dark room. I spent the night trying not to scratch my rash, reading the final Divergent book, and creating a flipagram of my pregnancy on my phone. Bags were packed and in the car..and our 4:30am departure took FOREVER to arrive.

January 8, 2014: 4:00am. I rolled out of bed and waddled the get all washed up.  My inlaws met us downstairs. My heart was beating a gazillion times a minute and I was a bag of emotions. Excited to meet my babies. Scared of having a c-section – and totally unprepared for life with 2 newborns.  It was a blazing 2* outside. This winter freakin sucked as far as temperatures go. After our car heated up, we set off for a drive

Funny side note: I text my parents that we are headed to the hospital. They are going to meet us there later in the day. My dad apparently had some automated response and I got a text from him that said “On My Way”. Immediate breakdown. Justin and I requested visitors later in the day. We wanted it to just be us in the beginning. My hormonal self calls my mom hysterical asking here why was Dad on his way… She sleepily says.. Dad is right here in bed next to me. Woops. I don’t know what happened there.

5:00am: Arrive at the hospital. Right on time. We get settled into my pre-op room. And then 5 minutes later have to change rooms because the computer isn’t working there. Greeat.  Settle in to room #2.  Get the IV going, answer endless questions, blood draws, bathroom trips..and of course photo opps.  The duo of doctors from my practice come in to say hello- get a read on how I was feeling..which was fairly calm at that point.




7:36: Walk to operating room. Such a sterile, white room. I suppose that is good. I have awesome nurses (one was my nurse during my visits after Christmas.. Anne. Amazing woman) helping me.  It is very warm in the room – which everyone is commenting on how strange that it since it is usually cold.

They have me sit on the the operating table so the anesthesiologist can administer my spinal tap. One last time I asked to make sure that my catheter will not be put in until I was numb. I was assured that that was indeed the case. Phew.

This is where everything started going wonky for me.  I was told to round my back and try to push out my lower back. Um. EASY for someone to do who doesn’t have a gigantic belly that basically rested on my entire upper legs when I sit. I just could NOT do what they wanted me to do as hard as I tried. After about 5 minutes of them telling me what I needed to do and me failing, I started having a panic attack and crying… What if they did it wrong because I wasn’t positioned correctly. Maybe I’d start feeling what they were doing half way through. Maybe I wouldn’t be totally numb.  Maybe I’d die.

My doctor saw the commotion while she was scrubbing in. SHe stopped. Came to me. Held both of my hands and put her head against mine. She took deep breaths with me and assured me that everything was going to be just fine. I calmed. And I decided that she was, indeed, the best doctor ever.

So – the spinal was finally put in place. Justin came in with his fancy outfit. I felt nothing below my arms. Justin and I are smiling at each other, getting all excited, chatting. I tell him about what happened and my epic breakdown. The doctors are just chatting about whatever. So glad they didn’t talk me through the procedure.

Then, I realize that I am going to be one of those lucky ducks that gets nauseous from the spinal tap. Sweet.  Justin spends the next few minutes holding that pink hospital thing next to my face as I dry heave. Awesome. Apparently my heaves were violent because at one point, I flawed my arms and broke the arm rest of the table off. Everyone scrambled to fix it.




8:04: My doctor announces that Baby A is about to be delivered. (Nausea leaves :) ). Ethan Matthew is born. Weighing 6lbs and measuring 17.5 inches. Screaming.

8:05 Madeline Grace busts into the world weighing 7lbs 3 oz, measuring 18.5 inches. I mean it when I say bust. My doctors told me that they usually have to work quickly to get Baby B – have to really get in there.  Not Miss Madeline. She shot out of her sack herself.




Sweet baby cries fill the room. They hold both babies up over the curtain so we can see them. Absolute perfection. They were weighed, cleaned, and wrapped – then brought to Justin and I. It was a surreal feeling. There was NO WAY that these to babies were just inside of me. Newp. Not possible.





8:12 - Nurse tries to hand Justin two babies at once. Justin also sees some blood on the floor. He turns grey and says he needs to leave immediately. Not feeling well.  I tell him to go, that I will be just fine.  As a result, M & E will make there way to the nursery. Thats okay. They are here and they are safe..  I start feeling like I am going to blow chunks anyway.

The longest part of the whole procedure was getting closed back up. The nausea was back twice fold and Justin and my babies were gone. THe nurses were awesome though – making sure I had my puke catcher and keeping my mind busy with conversation.

8:30 – Rolled into recovery – where I see my husband laying in the bed in the room. Ha.  He gets up right away – and I yoink is phone and our camera so I can see pictures. Also, As if I wan’t big enough, I truly love all the swelling and water retention…




I felt like gumby as some of my feeling started to return to my lower body. Also weird..was the fact that I didn’t have a gigantic belly anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still looked 20 weeks pregnant in the hospital. But it was so mushy. And so not baby.

A short while later, we get news that Madeline has low sugar levels. I was asked if I wanted to nurse her or if they should give her formula. I requested that she be brought to me. She latched right away and nursed for about 10 minutes on each side. It was amazing to hold my precious baby for the first time. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Ethan.  Once my room was ready, Justin, Maddie and I went upstairs – ready to begin our 4 night stay in maternity…




There is more I”d like to remember – but I feel I’ve done enough for today. I”m over 1200 words. Sorry friends :)



  1. Jessie says:

    Beautiful story, darling! The whole thing honestly made me tear up. The way your doctor was able to calm you down was the sweetest thing Ive read all day. You had one awesome team! I’m now so excited for the day when we welcome our two little babies into the world <3

    • Cait says:

      I read your comment and immediately knew I didn’t spend enough time catching up with your blog.. I knew you were pregnant..but TWINS! YAY! I love finding twin mommas! I am now really catching up and am so happy for you guys! WIshing you a safe, healthy, and long pregnancy! Doubly blessed! :)

    • Cait says:

      You’re right..all birth experiences are different! In the end – and all we want is happy healthy babies! I am happy that I recounted the story and will always be able to remember exactly what happened long after some of the small details fade from my memory!

    • Cait says:

      You are going to do GREAT!! This time tomorrow, you will finally meet those two little miracles that you have nurtured for all of these weeks!!
      ….As soon as you can get out of bed.. DO IT! It will help you recover quicker. Ask the nurses for abdominal binder and wrap your belly up as tight as you can. You’ll appreciate the extra support! Good luck! I will be thinking of and praying for you all!

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