Our First Family Vacation

First vacation as a family of 4.  Way different then any vacation we have taken in the past.  Traveling (even if only for 3 nights) with infants requires lots of packing, lots of planning, and lots of flexibility.

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With that said, I think Ethan and Madeline did fantastic on their first trip – and first time at the beach.  They had a small adjustment period to sleeping in pack ‘n plays – but once that was over, they returned to their wonderful selves – napping and sleeping through the night.

While away – only one day was nice enough to head to the beach – but both Justin and I agree that one day is plenty.  We were able to stay about 90 minutes – and then we knew that both babies had enough and were ready for naps (which were not happening on the beach…)

Both had no issues with the grainy sand, but cried out when we put their tiny feet in the sand by the water to let the water run over them.  I think it was more of a shock than anything else.

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There was lots to look at – so walking around was another thing they both loved. Ethan could have sat in his little pool the whole time, but Madeline preferred to play with her beach toys or sit in someone’s lap.

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Maddie’s eye has been strange on occasion. Not all the time, but as you can see above her right eyelid is drooping. I’ve been in touch with the pediatrician and sent him pictures – just waiting to see where he wants to go from here.


So happy to have gotten the chance with take a few days away with my family (and have lots of extra babysitters around, too :) ).  Looking forward to next summer – a trip back to Rhode Island  – where we will stay the whole week, and a week long trip to Long Beach Island.  E & M will be 18/19 months old then.. so it will be completely different!

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    • Cait says:

      It was a challenge, but fun to see M and E experience new things. I don’t think we could have managed if it was just my husband and I!

    • Cait says:

      Oh what fun! You definitely have a taste for what it is like! I am home for a great age – 6 & 7 months. Hoping they start crawling while I am still on break! (Though it would have been nice if they weren’t teething since the day school got out!)

    • Cait says:

      I think it would have been harder for us to have twins if we already had a single baby – we have nothing to compare it to – so we know no different!! :)
      There are many times I LOVE the fact that I have twins – and I love both of my kids with all my heart, but sometimes I feel like they each miss out on something.

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