Transition to Daycare

We’ve been going through a big transition over here. For the past two months, I’ve had the pleasure of spending each and every day with my little ones.  I won’t tell you that I enjoyed every single second of it.  After all, Madeline cut two teeth and Ethan decided to boycott his afternoon nap for a solid 10 days.  Those are some tough times. In hindsight, those times weren’t so bad. I feel so incredibly blessed to have two happy and healthy children – and even more blessed to have been at home with them for the past two months.



However – all good things must come to an end. That’s what they say, right?  I’ve been working this week to set up my classroom and prepare for this upcoming school year…and next Tuesday, things will be back in full swing.  With that being said – I will clearly not be able to spend time with Ethan and Madeline all day long.  When I returned to work last April, we thought it would be best to have a nanny come into our home.  From that experience, I have learned that I do not want another person in my home every day.  SO – Madeline and Ethan will be going to school (daycare) every day.


They started full time on Monday – after having two transitions days on Thursday and Friday of last week.  Talk about a ball full of emotion. This has been incredibly hard on me – and fortunately, incredibly EASY on Ethan and Madeline.  I am glad we used some transition days and that their first full day wasn’t a day when I was expected to perform at work… I needed a few days to be a wreck and cry 4839 times.



So – how did we transition?  Day 1 at daycare as only 2 hours.  I was there for all of that time.  We met the teachers and we played on the floor.  While M and E would occasionaly turn and look for me, they were more interested in what was going on around them. New toys, lots of babies.  Day 2 started with an early morning drop off with Justin.  Justin will be bringing them to daycare each day, so it was time for him to see how it all worked.  I was there as well.  We followed a typical drop off and put M & E in their chairs for breakfast – gave them a kiss, and left.  (With tears streaming down my face).  The littles ones didn’t even miss a beat and continued shrieking and banging on the table as we walked out.  We watched them on a closed circuit TV for about a half hour. They were happy.  Momma left feeling a little bit better and picked them up after a half day.

Day 3 – Monday – was a full day with a drop off by both Mom and Dad. Again, Madeline and Ethan weren’t phased by the drop off and walk out. Phew.  They stayed from 8:00-4:30 – which will be a typical day for them.  Their teachers said they were a little cranky, but I could have predicted that because Maddie is congested and Ethan is teething.

Day 4 – Yesterday. Another full day, but I did not go with Justin to drop them off.  SO HARD. Lots of tears after they drove off.  But we are easing into it and I must get used to it. I am actually being spoiled right now because I am not driving to work at my typical time so I get to SEE them in the morning. Once we really get going.. I won’t see them until I pick them up. (Not sure how I’ll survive…)



So – we are making it through. I have a ton of fears and anxieties about everything surround Ethan and Madeline, day care, my working… I’ll address that soon. Sometimes it just feels good to get everything out in writing. What is most important is that while I am having difficulty, Madeline and Ethan are young enough that they are incredibly attached to Justin and myself- and haven’t quite developed that stranger danger yet.  Hopefully by the time stranger danger kicks in, they will have a special bond with their two amazing teacher.

They tell me this is a lot harder on momma than it is on baby. I believe it – but that doesn’t make it any easier.


    • Cait says:

      Yes. It gets easier every day and I love the smile when I pick them up. However – Maddie will smile and then hysterically cry until I pick her up. I gather all of their stuff before picking her up because if I pick her up..then put her down to do it..its worse. She’s’re come to me NOW! haha

  1. Jade says:

    Due to my location and having to go to work early, we have to do the nanny situation (as no one takes under a 1 year), and it is really really hard. We all do things so differently and just being in each other’s space is so difficult. I would always have issues between feeling like a raging mama bear if they weren’t doing things exactly how I was doing them to not wanting to make them mad so they treated my baby right! Right now we have a day home that we go to and I love it. At some point I do feel it is really good to socialize the kids.
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    • Cait says:

      Oh man. Our BIGGEST problem when we had a nanny is that I was afraid to say when I was unhappy with something. After all, she was watching my babies all day..alone. I am just not meant to be a boss of someone in my home. Nope! Glad you have found something you like! Is a day home just like an in home childcare at someone elses house?

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