Ethan & Madeline: 7 Months Old

I just cannot believe that it has been over 7 months since my two little blessings entered this world.  People aren’t lying when they said time FLIES.  I was super skeptical of this fact during those sleepless nights and robotic days in the first few months.  I never thought we’d make it to summer, let alone the end of summer.  Yet here we are, 7 months old twins (as of last Friday)!!



This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a week. Week one of M & E’s 8th month has been TRYING. I hope things get sorted out soon.  For all you mommas (especially twin mommas) who do it alone.. God bless you. If i didn’t have help, a few hours a week, I don’t know where I’d be.

Ethan Matthew



Based on our approximate weights and measurements, Ethan is 18.5lbs and about 27.25 inches.  Ethan has learned so much this month.  In the past few weeks, he caught up to his sister and is sitting independently.  I still place pillows or a person behind him because he is super spastic and sometimes will just throw himself backwards. Ouch.  Justin and I often refer to him as a bull in a China shop.  He is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth – and he will also dig his face into the ground and catapult forward.  He links rolls and inch-worming in a circle together in order to get to the toys he wants. I’m sure he will be on the move any day now, so Justin and I are concentrating on babyproofing.  Ethan is my sweet, laid back, happy boy. He is very go with the flow and LOVES to flirt. He smiles at all the ladies with his gummy grin and is very social with people he knows as well as random strangers.  Hoping he will be able to help his little sister at daycare in a few weeks.



Ethan is eating 28-32oz of formula a day.  Our breastfeeding journey is a story for another day.  He is a happy spitter. But man is it messy. It has calmed down in the past few days, but it got BAD for a while.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, he was doing super well with purees and ate a ton of different foods including banana, apple, bear, broccoli, green beans, sweet potato, quinoa, chicken, carrot, raspberry, turkey, rice, corn… Then he decided that he was no longer interested in opening his mouth. The boy legit sits there with a look that tells me I am wasting his time..and seals his lips.  Its a damn steel trap and they do not open.. At all.  He has picked up finger foods and put them in his mouth, but as soon as they touch is tongue, he pukes.  Its driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do. I am sure little man is teething so this may be a contributor.  We have a pedi appointment on Wednesday so I’ll be bringing it up there. He has however, started drinking out of a sippy cup. Well, a straw cup.  Sippy cups just didn’t work.



Speaking of teeth..since eating and teeth are sort of related.. we’ve still got none. And we seem cranky. So I HOPE they cut soon. I feel like teething is lasting forever.  I can SEE them through is gums.


Little boy sleeps like a champ! Let’s start naps:  We transitioned down to 2 naps right after they turned 6 months.  They were having trouble with the afternoon cat nap – and were waking up at 5am every morning. So – right now Ethan will go down at 9.  He tends to sleep anywhere from 75-120 minutes.  If its a short nap, he is usually the one who gets up. His afternoon nap depends on the length of the morning nap, but he goes down between 1 & 2 and will sleep 90-120 minutes. Since entering his 8th month, Ethan is starting to be

Ethan has always been a super night time sleeper.  We made bedtime a little earlier with the 2 nap schedule. We generally start bath time between 615 & 640 – and put down by 7 at the latest.  Ethan will generally roll around his entire crib before settling down in the corner closest to Maddie’s crib.  He sleeps through the night waking between 5:30-6:30.  He only wakes up if something scares him. And man does he scream when he is scared.

Likes: Mommy and Daddy tickles, blowing raspberries, “ba-ba-ba”, Sophie, o-ball rattle, walking around outside with mommy, the claw game with daddy, the gator on his activity center, toy train, bath time, diaper changes (WHAT?! he cracks up when we change his diaper..I am sure he is thinking…suckers….), the Hot Dog song, sucking on his toes…



Dislikes: Eating solids in any size, shape, or form.  Being tired, getting wrapped in his towel after bath

Nicknames: E, E-money, E -train, chubbamonga (our favorite), chubbs

Firsts: being away from home for more than 2 nights, going to the beach, feet in the ocean, sitting independently


Madeline Grace 



Oooh Miss Madeline. She is our feisty firecracker.  Maddie weighs approximately 17lbs and is around 26.5 inches long.  Miss Madeline has been sitting unassisted for some time now.  She scootches backwards on her belly and “swims” (as Justin and I call it) without moving anywhere on the floor – but isn’t quite up on all fours yet like her brother.  She is very gentle and pays attention to detail..grabbing for the tiny ribbons on dolls.  Maddie is always looking around when she is in new places and loves taking everything in.  Madeline knows what she wants.. and while she can’t tell us-she will make sure we all know when she doesn’t have what she wants.  She is super smiley when she is well rested, but is very shy around people she doesn’t know.  When with people she is unfamiliar with, she panics and looks for mommy or daddy.  Once she warms up to you, she is your best friend and loves giving smiles.  Shrieking is her most used vocal sound right now.


Madeline also drinks between 28-32oz of formula a day, however, she is not a at least I only get puked on by one baby!  Recently Maddie has decided that she no longer likes being held while she is fed..ever. She prefers to eat lying down on the floor.  This works just fine for the two feedings when I am alone – because I actually lay both on the floor and feed them. But I miss holding her in the morning and before bed and getting that cuddle time.

Solids wise, Madeline loved everything we gave her. She has eaten everything that Ethan ate- but would eat more and just be more content while eating (Ethan was apathetic about it..). Then, a few days after Ethan decided he was going to reject all food.. Madeline decided she would follow suit. I am at a loss guys. I can’t wait to talk to my pedi.  I know that they get their nutrition from their bottles, but it is super frustrating for me. (It’s already hard to try and feed solids to 2 babies at once…)



Teeth, like Ethan.. we are at zilch. Hers appear to be even closer than his. However, I’ve decided that I won’t expect any teeth until 9 months. (*Update: We’ve cut our bottom left tooth a few days after we turned 7 months! Yay, big girl!!!)


Madeline, like Ethan, is a pretty solid sleeper.  She NEEDS her sleep or girlfriend is a crab!  She goes down at 9 and again between 1 & 2. Ethan is always the one to wake up – and sometime Madeline will continue to sleep afterwards.  Our one issue with Madeline is her need for the paci while sleeping.

Night time sleep is a little more broken for Maddie. She can sleep through the night, but usually wakes 1-2 times.  We should just let her fuss and go back to sleep, but we (read Justin) usually end up giving her the paci and she goes back to sleep immediately.If she can find it herself, she can put it back in herself, but thats not always the case. She weened herself off of it during the day – so I am hoping this happens at night soon.  We will probably set a time where we will take it away if necessary.

Likes: Mickey Mouse, Jumping, pulling up on mommy’s fingers and standing, being held on top of daddy’s head, Sophie, her paci while sleeping, her dolly, shrieking, walks, sitting outside, looking at herself in the mirror, chewing on frozen wash clothes, kicking her right leg (?)



Dislikes: being tired, being hungry, meeting new people, solids, teething.. (oh wait, that me who hates teething. I’m sure she does, too)..

Nicknames: Maddie, Princess, Liney, Dandelion, Crabby Maddie


I just can’t believe we are less than 5 months away from their first birthday! Better get to planning!


Have a great weekend :)


  1. Jade says:

    I loved the picture of Ethan being very upset that you were giving him solids. It is so priceless! My kid cut his teeth early, but I remember seeing someone on the blogsphere that had absolutely no teeth until well after their first birthday and was eating like a lot of more firmer solids I thought it was so crazy but each kid is so different!
    Jade recently posted…Weeks 33-36My Profile

    • Cait says:

      Haha. Ethan is drama. He will pitch a fit trying to get what he wants. I am glad I can tell the differences between his cries. He is getting to the phase where he hates if I take toys away, etc. (besides hating solids..thought he ate all 3 of his meals today!) I know he will get teeth someday. Probably when Maddie calms down from teething so its just one continuous teething year. haha.

  2. Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow says:

    I’d love to learn more about your breastfeeding journey as I think it is so tricky with twins! So far one of ours is a champ and super easy to nurse – the other one TERRIBLE often leaving me in tears so I’m pumping and bottle feeding him – but hope to find our ‘routine’ soon – this is working well right now but I’d love to learn about your journey!
    Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow recently posted…3 Reasons to Start Reading to Your Child EarlyMy Profile

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