Friday Facts

Happy Halloween!!!!




I love how (in)consistent my blogging schedule is. But if you’re reading – then cool. Here are some fantastically (read: Boring) facts for you.


Fact: Daylight savings time is this weekend. I used to love this weekend. Who doesn’t love a 25 hour day?  Now.. I am worried.  Babies don’t just sleep in for an extra hour. Haha. Nope. No way. Yes, Sunday will still have an extra hour. But I won’t spend it sleeping. I’ll be up at like… 4:30. Wahoo!



Fact: I had two great friends do the Advocare 10 day cleanse. They both did wonderful losing about 10lbs and several inches eat. They weren’t quite ready to commit to the 24-day challenge (financially and time wise), so they settled for a less expensive 10 days cleanse and I could not be more proud of their hard work!!!




Fact: This kid. His goofy smile. I LOVE it. He is developing such a cute little personality and it is incredible watching him turn into this cuddly, funny little boy.



Fact: This sweetheart and her first few ponies…that stick straight up. Her hair is so thick. It’s incredibly. Jury is still out as to whether it’ll be pin straight like her mommas.  That cowlick though. It’s intense.




Fact: Diaper rash SUCKS. Some stomach bug went around daycare…creating lots of dirty diapers… which resulting in the diaper rash from hell. Can’t seem to get rid of it! Those poor baby butts!


Fact: I’m looking forward to bringing M & E out for a little while early this evening. They are dressing as Mickey and Minnie.  I CANNOT wait!!!


Have a great weekend :)



Ten Things Tuesday

Two days in a row. Score :)…


1. Yesterday was Columbus Day – Obviously.  Day off for momma which was greatly appreciated.  M & E went to school for a half day.. so I got a few hours to myself. (I didn’t just watch TV – but it was the first time I actually watched the news since August.)



2. I had momma-son time this weekend :).  Justin took Madeline down to his dad’s ..and Ethan loved getting all the attention. In fact, he cried for the entire night after Madeline got home.



3. Yay for twin mom friends!  At Ethan’s visit to the pedi for thrush, I realized my side-by-side didn’t fit through one of the doors. So my friend let me borrow her tandem stroller for their 9 month old check up yesterday.


4. I got new sneakers. Love them. My other ones were over a year old and had nothing left in them.

5. How to Get Away with Murder.  Watch it. Just do it.


6. My birthday present from Justin and the kids.  LOVE!




7. It’s getting way to cold out. The heat has kicked on several times. That is not okay for October.


8. Halloween is coming! M & E will dress up as Mickey and Minnie.  Their favorites!


9. I’m typing this on Monday. I hope that Monday night was better than Sunday night.  Madeline was up from 8:30-10:00, 1:00-3:30 .. and then for the day at 5am.  Baby girl is super stuffy and I wish I could help her more than I am. But I feel like I’ve done everything :(


10. Got a nice workout in yesterday! Taking it easy and did a light weight arms workout. Trying to be precautious  with my dumb back. I’m proud of my post partum weight loss – but really need to tighten and tone.

Ethan and Madeline – 9 Months

Ethan and Madeline are a marvelous 9 months old!  I’m less than a week late posting this – super success for momma considering an 8-month update was never… ever… posted. We are headed to the pediatrician today – so I will update later with their exact heights and weights.. I am pretty excited to find out!




Fair warning: This month’s sticker photos are horrendous. Crabby babies paired with poor lighting on a rainy day and little patience from both momma and babies… 

Ethan Matthew



Mommy’s little man. He is a cuddle bug for sure. And he will cuddle with just about anyone. He has no anxiety over new faces and will crawl over to anyone and pull up on their leg. Ethan is our little daredevil.  He is willing to try anything without second thought – so fortunately he is pretty tough, too.  Most of his tears are a result of being overtired. When he needs to sleep – a simple finger poke will send this boy into a fit.  Ethan is Mr. Smiles – and his smile is so goofy.  He loves wrestling with mommy and daddy on the floor and just giggles the entire time.  He is definitely a people person and tries his best to make sure he is around someone else at all times.



We’ve made a ton of progress in the last two months.  My once picky eater who refused to eat..well…anything.. now loves all food. I know a time will come when he will start to show preferences, but right now..he eats whatever we give him.  Ethan eats three meals of solids a day – and if his teachers think he is fussy because he is hungry, they will give him a snack as well.  Ethan is eating finger foods like a champ – so his strong gag reflex is a thing of the past.  Some of his favorites (aka everything we feed him) are berries, grapes, sweet potatoes, pasta, cheese, cereal bars, cheese bread (bread with melted cheese), bagels, green beans, macaroni and cheese, eggs, rice cakes, and of course puffs and crunchies.

Ethan also will get purees and pouches – but usually after his finger foods.  He is spoon fed sometimes just to keep the idea of spoons and silverware in his head.

He still drinks 26-32oz of formula a day. I honestly CANNOT wait until we can start switching over to milk. Formula$$. Washing bottles. Sterilizing nipples… I am ready to be DONE!




Ethan is a wonderful sleeper – at home.  On weekends, Ethan takes two naps.. 1-2 hours each. The first one begins at 9 and the second one is between 1:30 & 2.  He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 (or sometimes later if he’s playing in his crib) and sleeps through the night. Sometimes, he wakes up at 5:30am…sometimes closer to 7am.  We obviously prefer the later times!  Now that Ethan is sitting up and pulling up, I worried it would mess up his sleeping habits. He will sit in his crib and pull up – but when he is ready for bed, he lays back down and goes to sleep.

At school, Ethan’s naps… stink. Sometimes he only takes one nap and it is 30-45 minutes long.  Most days he will have 2 30-45 minute naps. He just can’t get back to sleep if he wakes after a sleep cycle.  Fortunately, it isn’t affecting his night time sleep or his weekend naps.




Wrestling, being tickled under his chin, standing on the outside of his activity center, pulling up on everything, the dog’s bowls, the dog’s chews, looking outside at the back door, babbling, eating, cuddling, bath time



When mommy or daddy leave the room, when he is done eating….but still in his high chair, being tired or hungry, and his thrush medicine


Firsts – 

Did you pick up on that thrush medicine? Yeah – Ethan go thrush as a 9 month old?!  I’m glad the spots in his mouth were nothing more than thrush. It’s getting better, but he HATES that medicine. It is NOTHING like that bubblegum amoxicillan.  Along with thrush, Ethan is crawling like a champ, pulling up, sitting on his own, and sometimes walks behind a walker.



My little bub – you are full of sunshine. So happy – so giggly. You bring a smile to my face every time I look at you. I just cannot believe how fast you are growing and how you are turning into a little boy right before my eyes. I hope that you always stay this happy. Your smile and giggles light up a room.  Whenever we sit in the rocker before bed, I count my blessings and suppress my tears. I know someday (sooner than I think with how fast time is flying) – we won’t be sitting together  snuggling before bed. But for now – I am soaking it up. I love you, Ethan.





Madeline Grace



Ooh my little sweetie.  Maddie is so shy – but I do believe she are starting to warm up to others a little quicker and a little more often. She loves to talk (but only in the mornings.. ) My little chatter box.  She gets super excited fairly quickly – and loves to flail her arms around to show her excitement.  Madeline has a smile so sweet – and loves to laugh.  She too is a super happy baby.  Madeline tends to swing her moods fairly often. When she is upset about something – she will let you know.  Yelling (angry yelling) is also now a part of Madeline’s exquisite sounds. Just a month or so ago – she really wasn’t into talking at all – just grunting. So her new found voice is definitely a joy to listen to. After being frustrated at school  watching all of the kids get whatever they wanted on her own, Madeline decided that she couldn’t just hang out on her butt until she learned to walk – so she started army crawling. She is getting faster by the day.  Miss Maddie has some rough spots this month of being Moodie Maddie – but we don’t really know why. She’s had a cold for quite a while now …so she’s probably super annoyed with that!




Madeline is a little bit more a picky eater now.  Well – it honestly depends on the day..and the meal.  She eats the same variety of foods as Ethan does – but some days she likes something and the next day, she’ll feed it to the dog.  So like Ethan, she is being fed berries, grapes, sweet potatoes, pasta, cheese, cereal bars, cheese bread (bread with melted cheese), bagels, green beans, macaroni and cheese, eggs, rice cakes, and of course puffs and crunches.  A lot of times, she just enjoys playing with the textures of the food and will smooth it all around her hands – get excited, flail her arms and then throw the food in the air.

Madeline has stayed consistent with her bottles and still knocks back 26-32 oz a day of formula. She loves drinking water out of her sippy cup (we use the wines with straws) . She was slow to pick it up at first, but now gets all giddy when I bring it over to her!



Madeline is typically a great sleeper (I am saying typically because we had a REAL rough night last night).  She takes two naps (at 9 and 1:30/2) which will last 1-2 hours each.  She will also give us a solid 11-12 hours at night – going to bed at around 6:30/7:00 and waking up between 5:00-7:00.  Unlike Ethan, Madeline doesn’t enjoy playing her her crib alone with no toys quite as much as Ethan does (I can’t imagine why she dislikes it.. it sounds like fun…?!?)  When she wakes up, she tends to be a little more whiney, but we will turn on her projector/some music and give her some toys. Unless it appears as if something is wrong.. or she is just having a bad day and is crying.. real crying.. she stays in her crib until at least 6:30.

Maddie naps a little better than Ethan at school – but not as well as she naps at home. She almost always takes 2 naps (and if she doesn’t fall asleep for the second one, she will rest for an hour).. and they range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.   Again – she is still pretty solid with sleeping at home, so I will take it!!




Screaming and talking… so much. Miss Chatterbox..and her yells can make you really nervous. She could be silent and then  let our a bellowing scream…just for fun . Not funny girl…not funny. Madeline also likes flapping her arms, waving (!!), her water bottle, mommy’s water bottle, standing at the back door, standing at her activity center, shoes, sitting on mommy’s or daddy’s lap, resting her head on your shoulder



Not being given enough attention, when mommy gets to school and doesn’t pick her up right away, being in her play yard if mommy or daddy are in the room, having her nose sucked



Army Crawling, waves, “dada” but not with meaning, ear infection (womb), cough (its been forever..go away)



My precious sunshine. You are my heart.  It is so strange to look at you because you look SO much like your momma did when she was a baby – and I feel like I am looking at myself as a baby when I look at you. You are so determined to do anything and everything you want – and show such a sense of pride when you accomplish something. I hope this is a trait that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  Your little grin with those two bottom teeth just melts me…and you know you’ve got your daddy wrapped around your finger.  Please- stay as happy as you are. You will brighten many lives with your vivacious character…you already do. I love you pretty lady.




Thinking Out Loud – 10/2

I can’t believe I am posting two times in one week. Giving myself a pat on the back right about now.  There’s tons going on right now – so today is a perfect day to link up with Amanda since Thursdays are for thinking out loud and all…


So – I am going to a spine specialist today at the orthopedist. Two back issues in such a short period of time is really not flying with me – so I just want to make sure I don’t have any disk problems.  My back NEVER rests now that Maddie and Ethan are on the move andI am always picking someone up – plus I am on my feet for about 90% of my day at school – and this pain..just doesn’t feel right.  If it is nothing – then YAY! Onward and upward ….


Yesterday, my darling twins turned 38 weeks old.  It’s probably not a thing. But now – they have been outside of my belly longer than they were inside of my belly. So for me – it’s a thing. I just can’t even believe it.  Pretty soon, we will be planning for their first birthday!



Speaking of my love bugs – they are both on the move. Life just got a little bit crazy. We skipped the 8 month update because – well – I’m busy. I am hoping to get their 9 month update up after they turn 9 months and we can get their official weight and height :).


Sometimes I wonder where my brain is. Like…why did I think it was a super idea to renew my hosting just a month before going back to school. HA. I really thought I’d be able to post. I’m funny. Really.


We wrapped up our 2014 wedding season a few weeks ago with a beautiful vineyard wedding that Justin was in. It was a blast  and perfect way to end wedding season. Surprisingly, wedding season 2015 looks to be pretty low key!




It’s October. Holy crap. Time is going by so much faster now that school has started.  This means my birthday is Saturday. It also means I am entering the last year of my 20’s.  Then I’ll be old. Real old. (Except…not).


26th birthday. Seems like yesterday – and a million years ago at the same time


We are going out to dinner & to see Gone Girl for my birthday. I’m super excited to see the movie.  Justin-probably not so much. He’ll like it more than he think he will.  I’m sure.



My thoughts are so deep now. Ha.

Backing Up

Whoa.  Its been roughly three weeks since I last posted.  I guess I have several explanations for my lack of posts.  I started work. I have twins. I on the go from the minute I wake up until I can finally rest my head on the pillow…

And then let’s throw in two back injuries in a 19 day span.

On Wednesday, September 10th (aka the second day of school for my students), I woke up to go to the gym at 4:50 and was excited that I was actually going to be able to make this before work work-out thing … work. I had everything timed to the second (it takes me 16 minutes and 53 seconds to shower, put my make up on and get dressed at the gym…in case you were wondering).

I had decided the week  before that I was going to use workouts from NROLFW for strength days. So – stage 1 workout B – doing dumbbell step-ups. My back suddenly feels strange. Eh. I stop the step-ups and do the prone jack-knife. Even worse idea. Low back pain.Yikes.  I decided to walk on the treadmill a little – see if I can loosen whatever it is going on down there.

That clearly wasn’t working. So i headed in to shower early. I am hunching over more and more…cannot bend down. Any guesses as to whether I showered and was out of the gym in 16:53? Ha… I think it took me 35 minutes. And that is pushing it.

So – day two of school was spent teaching from a 90* angle – with numerous jolts due to spasms through out the day.  Day 3 of teaching was the same.  I am sure my new students were just thrilled with their awesome, new, bent over teacher.

…a picture to break up so many words

oh…bathing babies…not something I can currently do….but they’re cute, right???

I went to my son’s chiropractor in desperate need of help (yes, my infant has a chiropractor). I found out numerous things about myself (like my right leg was 2 inches longer than my left) and had 4 adjustments over the next 10 days.  I felt better after about 6 days (3 adjustments) but didn’t workout or do anything other than walk for about 10.  My chiro said I could workout whenever I wanted.

So – after 10 days..I got back into it. It took 4 workouts to not be deathly afraid of injuring my back again. That workout was Saturday. I’ve been focusing on form so much. I finally felt like myself again and was getting in a great workout with my trainer and 6 other people. We were doing circuit stations. I had 2 stations left. GI Janes.. was the exercise. I bent down to pick up my bar (toes straight, shoulder width apart. knees bent)…pick up the bar and slowly stood up.

Pop. Crack. Pain. Yell. Dropped weight.

And then lots of tears.  Tears because I was in incredible pain – but also tears because I now believe I will never be able to work out with the intensity and effort that I have in the past. … Tears because I feel like my back is somehow damaged and I am destined to have chronic back pain for…ever.  Tears because just like a few weeks ago – I am not going to be able to get on the floor and play with my children, pick up my children without holding back tears… bath them, feed them, love them like I really want to.

I went back to the chiropractor yesterday.  He said I didn’t really do much damage – but he could see where the issue was. My pain was much worse after my adjustment than it was before….concerning me. I am going to reevaluate my pain at the end of the day today – and likely make an appointment with a pain specialist doctor that was recommended to me.

I’m feeling down right now. It’s quite frustrating to spend most of your day in pain. I never knew what a PITA back pain was..but man – I need to figure this out asap and ensure that I find out what the issue is and do whatever it is necessary to stop this from happening again.


So – Happy Monday?  End of my rant. But anyone with back pain issues – I’d love to know your story and what successful interventions you have had.

Girls Weekend

What a marvelous weekend! And not in the way you are thinking.  Yes. I had a wonderful girls weekend. The overall turnout was a little low. Just me and one other girl.  But that girl is the MOST important girl in my life. My precious (8-months today!!!) daughter.



When you have twins (or more than one child for that matter), you really miss out on one-on-one bonding time. Sure – there have been times where I have taken either Maddie or Ethan to the store while Justin has stayed home with the other – but having an entire 24-hours with just one of my children was one of the best things ever! (Don’t get me wrong.. I missed Ethan like crazy – but he was having a fantabulous time with his daddy and pop!!!)



So this weekend it was just me and my girl.  I really think she digs being an “only child” because she was SO incredibly happy for the entire time with minimal fussing!

We were able to run 2 hours worth of errands with smiles on Saturday. Maddie loved being a big girl in the cart (and this happened because she had a little moment in the Ergo. It was so humid out!)



She slept like a champ from 6:15-5:40 Sunday morning. I was worried that bed time sleep would be rough! THis was only the second time she and Ethan were EVER apart overnight. The other time being when she was a mere 1 day old and she had to spend her first night outside of the womb in the NICU.  But – she slept just fine. In fact- Ethan has been getting up earlier than her lately she she probably loved sleeping until whenever SHE wanted to get up (which happened to be early.)

Since my girl did so well in the big girl cart on Satruday – that is how we grocery shopped Sunday morning. She laughed and talked her way through the entire store. It was so fun! When we were checking out, she realized she could actually try and reach for things – so I’ll have to be a little more mindful of where her arms are in the future.

I found it so much easier to multi-task with just having one of my lovely kids around. I could easily move her into whatever room I wanted – contain her so she was safe- and get some stuff done. She loved bouncing in the kitchen and watching the refrigerator open and close while I prepped food!



I also brought Maddie to my school in the late morning. She was SO well behaved and did not fuss once! There were so many things for her to look at (and try and grab). I wore her for a majority of the time – but we got hot, so I also carried her and would let her sit on the floor by my feet.  I was proud of my little girl for being so well behaved.  She met a lot of new people and she is a funny little fake shy girl.  When she meets someone. She flashes them a smile, buries her head in my chest for 2 seconds – and then looks at them again-all smiles and giggles.. I love it.



I’ve gained a lot of valuable insight from this weekend. From my joy in my one-on-one time with her – and her joy in having ALL of my attention – I know that this will be something that is super important as M and E grow older. Just like I crave time with them – they will each want one-on-one time with Justin and me.  I would love to do this once a month – or once every other month and alternate children.

If I am being honest here – I almost feel as if by having twins – I was cheated out of getting that super special bonding time. Yes, we bonded. But their bonding time was cut in half. I know God chose me to be a twin momma for a reason and I trust in whatever reason that is. My love for each of them is greater than anything I’ve ever known – and it continues to grow daily. I would not trade my current position for the world – but sometimes I just get to thinking and wondering.

Ten Things Tuesday

1.  My summer break is officially over. I’ve been back in school for a few days because I changed rooms and I had to get everything unpacked and set up. It is going well, but I still have a ways to go.

Upon Entering:

After 16 hours of work:


2. We’ve had a lot of fun at weddings this summer..with another still to come! Justin’s best man is getting married soon and we know it will be a blast!



3. School is going really well for Madeline and Ethan.  Their naps have not really lengthened yet, but they are still happy when they come home.  They are falling asleep at around 6:30/7 and are sleeping about 12 hours. It is so nice to have a few hours at night to unwind and prepare for the next day.


4. Madeline has her first ear infection. Waaah. But – our pediatrician is amazing and met us on SUNDAY morning so he could give her a quick check. Good thing. Little girl is already feeling better after some antibiotics!


5. My little boy is on.the.move!  School was closed on Friday so my brother helped out and watched M& E. I got this video of Ethan and am just so thrilled (but also a nervous wreck. Wait until they are going in two different directions…)

6.  I’ve got a little bit of a later start time this week (800 as opposed to 7:30) and don’t need to get in early to prep since the kids aren’t back yet.  SO – I’ll be gyming it in the morning this week.  My aim is for 2 times.. if I get there 3, then woohoo!


7. We went to our first parade this weekend! Our town has a great Labor Day parade and the kids loved it! Pop came as well and we had so much fun!




8. Parade wise – this awesome jet kept flying overhead!



9. I need new sneakers. Badly. I am not a fan of the current color selection for the ASICS I usually get.


10. We are getting rid of our pool. Yep. We used it 3 times this summer and it is SUCH a pain in the butt to take care of. I can’t wait for a bigger yard.

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Thinking Out Loud – 8/28. A New School Year

The new school year is knocking at my door. I’ve never entered a year with my mind in SO many different places. I’ve already had a few months of experience as a working mom, but now it seems very different…both from the school aspect and the mommy aspect. Right now all of my thinking tends to lean towards worries and anxieties. So – this may be a downer of a post, but I am sure there are other people in my shoes – or others who HAVE been in my shoes.

Let’s break it down.

Ethan and Madeline.

  • Daycare seems to be going well.  Great. I am happy their are so adaptable. Are they getting enough nurturing? I know the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children – but come on. If I had quadruplets, I would never feel like I am giving each child enough attention.
  • Will they ever nap there? Naps have been hit or miss.  They are sleeping. GREAT. But not very long. Hopefully in time nap lengths will increase.  The positive – night sleep as been incredible so far.
  • Once everything gets going, I won’t see M and E until 4:30. I leave for work between 6 and 6:15. They don’t get up until 6:30/7:00. How on earth? That’s going to be rough. Justin is going to facetime me, but still. It is NOT the same. Not even close.
  • Are E and M going to create a stronger bond with their teachers than with me? They spend so much time there. Yes, I know I will always be there momma and it is different, but its scary.
  • How often are they going to get sick. Ugh. Germs. Hoping this will help them to build strong immune systems, but no one likes a sick baby.


  • So little time so much to do. Story of my life.
  • Common Core. I loathe you.
  • Teaching for an entire school year? I haven’t done that since 2012. That seems hard. Really hard. On the plus side, I won’t have used all of my sick days for half-day pregnancy related issues. That will be nice.
  • Planning. Correcting. All that jazz.  Need to time manage better at school and socialize less during my free period.
  • Way to many new curriculum aspects. Try as I may – I think it is going to be rough getting familiar with all of our new programs.  Practice makes perfect. Right?
  • Mild winter. Please. No snow days. I want to get out as early in possible in June.
  • I really hope I have a smart board or enos board. That would make life so much easier.


  • Guilt. Guilt over not enough time for my children. Not enough time for my students. My husband. My dog. There is just not enough time for everyone. How am I going to prioritize?!
  • I NEED to know what the routine will be. How long will it take me to get E and M packed? Thank goodness Justin is doing all the bottle washing.
  • Speaking of washing..Thursday was laundry day over the summer. And when we had a nanny. WHen will the clothes get washed? Another thing to add to the weekend list.
  • Working out. So important. When? Well, I joined a 9.99/mo gym next to daycare. A few days a week, I plan on grabbing a quick workout before I pick up M and E. But that is wrong..right? I should be picking up my kids ASAP. Not working out instead.  Insert more guilt.

I know my children are young and may not even remember this. But I go back and forth about being a working mom so much. I’ve commited to my job and I will do everything I can to make sure my students learn. But will my children resent me for sending them off to someone else? Or admire me for working. It is such a crazy thought process. I’m not sure if I will ever know what the best answer is. Work. Not work.

But, I am working. I will miss them dearly each and every day.  I will hug them tight the moment I see them and smother them with kisses from head to toe. I will cherish every moment we spend together and have quality time together. I will celebrate their successes – even if I don’t witness them first hand. Every day, this will get easier.

One day at a time.

One hour at a time.

One moment at a time.

Transition to Daycare

We’ve been going through a big transition over here. For the past two months, I’ve had the pleasure of spending each and every day with my little ones.  I won’t tell you that I enjoyed every single second of it.  After all, Madeline cut two teeth and Ethan decided to boycott his afternoon nap for a solid 10 days.  Those are some tough times. In hindsight, those times weren’t so bad. I feel so incredibly blessed to have two happy and healthy children – and even more blessed to have been at home with them for the past two months.



However – all good things must come to an end. That’s what they say, right?  I’ve been working this week to set up my classroom and prepare for this upcoming school year…and next Tuesday, things will be back in full swing.  With that being said – I will clearly not be able to spend time with Ethan and Madeline all day long.  When I returned to work last April, we thought it would be best to have a nanny come into our home.  From that experience, I have learned that I do not want another person in my home every day.  SO – Madeline and Ethan will be going to school (daycare) every day.


They started full time on Monday – after having two transitions days on Thursday and Friday of last week.  Talk about a ball full of emotion. This has been incredibly hard on me – and fortunately, incredibly EASY on Ethan and Madeline.  I am glad we used some transition days and that their first full day wasn’t a day when I was expected to perform at work… I needed a few days to be a wreck and cry 4839 times.



So – how did we transition?  Day 1 at daycare as only 2 hours.  I was there for all of that time.  We met the teachers and we played on the floor.  While M and E would occasionaly turn and look for me, they were more interested in what was going on around them. New toys, lots of babies.  Day 2 started with an early morning drop off with Justin.  Justin will be bringing them to daycare each day, so it was time for him to see how it all worked.  I was there as well.  We followed a typical drop off and put M & E in their chairs for breakfast – gave them a kiss, and left.  (With tears streaming down my face).  The littles ones didn’t even miss a beat and continued shrieking and banging on the table as we walked out.  We watched them on a closed circuit TV for about a half hour. They were happy.  Momma left feeling a little bit better and picked them up after a half day.

Day 3 – Monday – was a full day with a drop off by both Mom and Dad. Again, Madeline and Ethan weren’t phased by the drop off and walk out. Phew.  They stayed from 8:00-4:30 – which will be a typical day for them.  Their teachers said they were a little cranky, but I could have predicted that because Maddie is congested and Ethan is teething.

Day 4 – Yesterday. Another full day, but I did not go with Justin to drop them off.  SO HARD. Lots of tears after they drove off.  But we are easing into it and I must get used to it. I am actually being spoiled right now because I am not driving to work at my typical time so I get to SEE them in the morning. Once we really get going.. I won’t see them until I pick them up. (Not sure how I’ll survive…)



So – we are making it through. I have a ton of fears and anxieties about everything surround Ethan and Madeline, day care, my working… I’ll address that soon. Sometimes it just feels good to get everything out in writing. What is most important is that while I am having difficulty, Madeline and Ethan are young enough that they are incredibly attached to Justin and myself- and haven’t quite developed that stranger danger yet.  Hopefully by the time stranger danger kicks in, they will have a special bond with their two amazing teacher.

They tell me this is a lot harder on momma than it is on baby. I believe it – but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Getting to Know Yours Truly

Sometimes, you just get busy and your blog gets neglected for an extended period of time.  It happens.  I saw this post on Ashley’s blog and thought it was fun – so I’m giving it shot!

I’m gearing up for a new school year and my dear, dear Ethan and Madeline are at their second full day of school (enter sobs…). I’ll post about our transitions at some point.  Right now it is hard to think about…


1. I’m happiest when my beautiful children are smiling, happy, and cuddly. 


2. Especially when we get out of the house with Daddy and enjoy our time as a family.

3. I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit and/or sew. (Weird?! yes, I know)


4. My family and I are very close. My parents and brother have been instrumental in our surviving the first months with twins and my father-in-law LOVES facetiming his grandbabies

5. I was a terrible clarinet player. I wanted to play an instrument in middle school and promptly quit 2 weeks later when I really just could NOT read music.

6. My first job was at the Gap. Uhh..talking about spending every penny you make..

7. I could probably eat dark chocolate everyday. In fact, I do unless I am cleansing..

8. I stole… my husband’s heart. 




9. I was born on the same day as Alicia SIlverstone (??) lol had to google to find someone

10. My all-time favorite film is Love and Basketball, 13 Going on 30

11. I make a pretty mean… uhm. Bottle?

12. I am still mad I didn’t pursue nursing while in college.

13. I met my husband at a bar. Ha.

14. I always knew I wanted to get a dog  (but oh man, he really tests my patience with two little ones..)



15. I’m not afraid to go to bed early on a Friday night. Before children this held true, too.  I need an abnormal amount of sleep to be happy.

16. I make the best eh.. I guess you’d have to ask those who consume my food.

17. I have almost no diapers left. Uh oh.

18. I always cry when I think about just how fast my babies are growing up and I cry when I think about being away from them every day.




19. I am an American but I don’t really care about politics.

20. I spent a lot of time getting my twins on the same schedule. Twin mommas know how important it is to get your kiddos sleeping and eating at the same time.

21. I wish my folks would stay exactly as they are.  Wouldn’t change a thing about them!

22. At 5, I was deeply in love with Polly Pocket.

23. I believe if everyone was more patient the world would be a better place.

24. I can’t stand people who are late.

25. Whenever Law and Order is on, I’ll watch it.


What makes you the happiest?!


Have a great day :)


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